Work in Progress: “Woman in Profile”

Work in Progress: “Mulher de Perfil”

After almost 10 years without painting and drawing, in a sudden of inspiration, I resumed painting work and the result was this. What made me happier was to know that something that was born with me for many years still resides in me. And it was inevitable to question why one day I stopped doing what I love most in life. From this retaking, I have taken a single certainty, that I will never stop.

From this work, I decided that I will produce every week, and from this decision was born the idea of developing this site: where I will publish my paintings.

I always drew and painted using various techniques, materials and supports such as graphite, charcoal, crayon, pastel, colored pencils, gouache, ink, watercolor, eco line, acrylic, and oil on canvas. Of these what I like most is the oil on canvas, it is incredible what you can do with this paint, achieving unlimited results for its flexibility. But due to my professional activities, I ended up not being able to develop my art projects.

I have always tried to dedicate myself to the maximum, but the painting process sometimes obtains better results if we do not let the paint dry before completion and at other times it is better to wait for the paint to dry to continue later, this process can take us long hours. Which is very complicated in our daily lives.

Like any other work, there is a process to follow, and interruptions of those who have more than one activity made this process longer than expected, and unfortunately, over time, the painting was falling behind.

Where do I want to go with this short story? As I work with visual communication – which still left me close to creative art – I have an excellent computer for professional creations and I have a Wacom pen and tablet, this device perfectly simulates pen, pencil or brushes.

I had already tried painting digitally in Photoshop, but nothing compares to the actual paint sensation I get using Corel Painter software. Corel Painter is today considered the best in digital painting software, developed especially for fine arts artists

Mulher de Perfil | Woman in Profile

For this work, I chose the canvas support and used the oil paint and a wide range of brushes. I painted very naturally, just as I painted with real oil paint.

In this process, I became so involved with the painting that I even went so far as to want to clean the brush or dip it in the paint. I adapted so well that this experience again rescued my passion for painting.

In this way, I decided to make digital painting my main support of painting from then on. Besides the great practicality, the interruptions are not so harmful in this type of resource, the results are very good and the printed reproductions are fantastic.

Soon I will respond to the demand and request of friends and clients who ask for the sale of my gear in high-quality reproductions.

I will also accept orders for selected and exclusive portraits and reproductions. Finally, I am also available to elaborate Albums Covers, Books, CD’s, Special Panels and reproduction of unique photos as the souvenir of family, or board of directors and founders.

The painting “Woman in Profile” can be seen in this link: Soon I will publish new paintings in the portfolio of this site, I hope you like it!