Work in Progress: “She is Asleep”

The “Asleep” painting was a new experience for me, where I decided to explore digital painting using Photoshop on an iMac computer attached to a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

Work in Progress: Adormecida | She is Asleep

Unlike Corel Painter where I was able to adapt with ease, since it was designed specifically for artists painters, in Photoshop I suffered to adapt to its peculiarity because it was designed for manipulation of images and not specifically for painting.

But after studying the software a lot and reading specialized articles on digital painting, I discovered how to configure Photoshop to be used effectively in digital painting, especially in the settings and understanding of the numerous brushes it has, the brushes I downloaded from the internet, and Of the brushes I created for brushstrokes with varying effects.

Work in Progress: Adormecida | She is Asleep

In Corel Painter everything comes neat and ready to use, the brushes are very well organized, the paint palette equals a real paint palette and has a sensational paint mixer. The artist already feels at home, it is all more familiar, and that’s what surprised me the most when trying to paint in Photoshop, because the standard brushes did not respond according to my needs, the sensation is that I was playing a video game and everything It seemed very artificial to me, nothing was right. It was very difficult to achieve the goal and the desired effect in the brushstrokes.

But everything changed with a little study and understanding of the tool, the biggest secret being the preparation of the brushes. This done, I started to feel more comfortable with Photoshop, and again feel like a painter who was actually painting. Achieving then, achieve the desired goal.

Photoshop is a very powerful software, and there are many tools in it, but I have tried to use them as little as possible. I tried to leave the experience as close to the conventional painting, that is, just brushing and nothing more.

I was very satisfied with this new experience and with the result obtained. My experience in digital painting is very recent, this is only my fourth painting, and the other three were painted in Corel Painter. I honestly can not say right now, among these two, Corel Painter and Photoshop, which is the best software for digital painting for use in computers, the two are excellent and you will get similar results in both. In Photoshop you’ll have a bigger job at the beginning to prepare and understand how the brushes work, and it would also be convenient to install some third-party plugins to help with painting, such as an ink mixer (Adobe should bring this in the package). At this point, Corel Painter comes out the front, because it is ready and just use. But once Photoshop is ready for your taste and painting style, it will look similar to Corel Painter and choose between one or the other will be a preference issue. In my research I found several artists who use only one of them, others who use both, and those who still start in one and finish in the other, thus using what is best in each one of them.

I always believed that no matter the support used, art can be expressed anywhere, with any tools and materials, so when I started to paint digitally, I just did what I always did, I worked feeling I was painting and adapting to New reality.

I do not know if in the future the art will be totally digital, I do not know if there will still be paper and ink since this new generation is already being born in the era of technology, where everything is digital and touch. Today there are already schools that use no more pencils and paper, but tablets. As of now, many children will only have digital experiences, so maybe most new artists will be able to create just this way since that’s how they are learning.

In the past artists had to craft their own ink with pigment extracted from nature, and over time they began to buy in industrialized tubes sold in stores specializing in art. What I mean is that as an artist, we must express ourselves no matter the medium, digital painting is one of these many ways, as good as any other. So why not exploit it? That is exactly what I am doing now and I am loving it, I am painting in a way that I have never dreamed of, because when I learned to draw and paint there was nothing of this technology. As a kid I used to draw with chalk on the pavement of the street in front of the house for friends to enjoy and for me, all this, this is a great evolution, but it’s not that different, it’s as fun as before.

Adormecida | She is Asleep

I hope you enjoyed! This painting can be seen in my portfólio! Soon I will publish more paintings and new experiences.