Work in Progress: “Butterfly”

This painting was a very special work for me, from which I re-read a photographic work by photographer Lucas Vieira (Instagram: @luvieso), for the Matinnala project (Instagram: @matinnala). Layla Foz (Instagram: @laylafoz) was the model who participated in the photographic essay from which I was assigned a photograph for my free artistic interpretation.

Work in Progress: Borboleta | Butterfly

I immediately loved the work of both, the model is very beautiful and quite photogenic, she really looked beautiful and expressive in photography. The scenario elaborated by Lucas Vieira was splendid, I liked much the framing, the light and the shadow that were captured by his photographer’s eyes, the composition was simply divine, which valued the photo to destine it to a painting in the way that I like it, which is what I always look for in reference to a hyper-realistic artistic creation.

The painting was done digitally, using Photoshop with a Wacom tablet by means of a pen, where I applied the strokes and made the paint mixes as if I were painting with real ink and brush.

Foto Layla Foz de Lucas Vieira

I tried not to change many things, just simplified the scenario a little more and closed the frame a little more in order to focus on the nuances and color shades of the model, through the light and shadow, which I decided to intensify them a little more Applying more contrast. In this way, I was able to explore a little more skin tones, color variations and the environment leaving light and shade slightly more dramatic.

Work in Progress: Borboleta | Butterfly

In the original photograph the model is quiet looking curiously toward the window, maybe she is wanting to bathe with the light, which gave the idea of putting two more elements in the scene; The bundles of rays from the sun and the butterfly that flew in through the window towards the model, thus intensifying the motive of his curious and surprised look.

The butterfly seems a mere detail in this work, but it plays an important role in the plot since it causes the girl’s curious and surprised look in the bathtub, which along with the sun’s rays suggest that there is an open window right next to it. And because of this, I decided to name the painting “Butterfly”.

Borboleta | Butterfly

I hope you enjoyed! This painting can be seen in my portfolio!