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Statement • Renato Aguiar

In the artistic works I appreciate and like to develop practically all the techniques, however, I prefer the oil paint on canvas. For some time now I have been studying and developing digital painting arts, where I also prefer the use of brushes and oil paints.

My works are focused on hyper-realistic art, in particular, related to human anatomy, especially the female figure.

I enjoy giving shape to my paintings through the light, the projected shadow, and the halftone, I always try to convey some kind of feeling or meaning. I was inspired by great Renaissance artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Raphael, Willian-Adolphe Bouguereau, among others.

My first contact with the works of some of these artists was through an old book that my parents had, an illustrated Holy Bible. It was charming to me and I spent hours observing those spectacular works.

I learned to draw and paint long before my academic studies. It is said that I was born with this gift, both that my parents say that I was already drawing before I even spoke. I was encouraged as a child by family, friends, and teachers to join an art school and that’s when I started my studies at the former Cândido Portinari Drawing School, where I had the privilege of having classes with excellent teachers, it was at the Portinari School That I had the first contact with a book by the Peruvian artist Boris Vallejo. In Boris’ book he teaches realistic oil painting techniques, this has further propelled me to study this technique of realism with flexibility.

Painting is something very important to me, it is an indescribable accomplishment. I love what I do, I can say it’s something that completes me.

When I deal with art there is no compromise with time, parameters or limitations, there is only art.

Renato Aguiar

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