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Biography • Renato Aguiar

Renato Gonçalves Aguiar was born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil on October 11, 1973. His interest in plastic arts came from his childhood. He studied arts at the School of Design Cândido Portinari and Communication Design at ETEC Carlos de Campos. The academic study propelled him in the development of specific studies of drawing and painting also on his own. He taught an oil painting class at the Paulista Art Space. He explored various techniques, materials, and supports, such as; graphite, charcoal, crayon, pastel, colored pencils, gouache, nan quim, eco line, watercolor, acrylic and oil on canvas and more recently digital painting. He works for more than 10 years with Visual Communication and seeks to always keep his artwork as a great passion.

Painting and Fine Art

Oil on Canvas, Digital Painting, and Giclée in Limited Edition


Creation of Artistic Illustration for commercial applications


Orders for drawings, paintings, portraits, and artistic Illustrations

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